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(cover: Susan Erony)

Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel by Banesh Hoffmann with the collaboration of Helen Dukas (75,000 words; 100 illustrations)

“Hoffmann does more than convey the emotional impact of Einstein’s science on Einstein. He tries to make the general reader see the problems that concerned Einstein and understand the kinds of theories he constructed to solve them... This calls for scientific popularization of a high order... Hoffmann [...] does it very effectively.” — Martin Klein and Robert Merton, The New York Times

“... succeeds in catching some of Einstein’s wholeness, the genius and the human being, the scientist and the responsible citizen.” — Peter Bergmann,
Physics Today

“What a rewarding and civilizing book for anyone interested in physics, its history, and the look and smell of the whole era during which relativity and quantum physics established themselves! ... this is one of the few [biographies of Einstein] that gives an authentic view from close up” — Gerald Holton,
The Physics Teacher

“This book deserves to become a best-seller... I know of no other book on Einstein that gives so complete and well balanced a picture of that great man.” — Otto Robert Frisch

“... it is the very product of [Einstein’s] brain that most clearly delineates the man, and to get that across, there is none better than Dr. Hoffmann, who can write so charmingly that even General Relativity sounds like a fun thing in its very profound simplicity...” — Isaac Asimov

“Here is an excellent biography of Albert Einstein by a theoretical physicist with broad interests and a deep human understanding... Hoffmann builds a remarkably interesting and human picture of an extremely gifted man...” — Louis Green,
Sky and Telescope