Latest from Plunkett Lake Press

Trujillo: The Life and Times of a Caribbean Dictator by Robert D. Crassweller

Baruch: The Public Years by Bernard Baruch

Building A Great Library: The Coolidge Years at Harvard by William Bentinck-Smith

A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888-1889 by Frederic Morton

The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait by Frederic Morton

Mobilizing America: Robert P. Patterson and the War Effort, 1940-1945 by Keith Eiler

The Past Has Another Pattern: Memoirs by George W. Ball

Fleet Admiral King: A Naval Record by Ernest J. King and Walter Muir Whitehill

Lightning Joe: An Autobiography by J. Lawton Collins

Allies in War: Britain and America Against the Axis Powers, 1940-1945 by Mark Stoler

Amending America: If We Love the Constitution So Much, Why Do We Keep Trying to Change It? by Richard B. Bernstein

In and Out of the Ivory Tower: The Autobiography of William L. Langer by William L. Langer

The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution by Richard Breitman

Jean Monnet: The First Statesman of Interdependence by François Duchêne

The Struggle for Palestine by J.C. Hurewitz

Sumner Welles: FDR’s Global Strategist by Benjamin Welles

Diplomat Among Warriors by Robert Murphy

Father Land: A Study of Authoritarianism in the German Family by Bertram Schaffner

Less Than Slaves: Jewish Forced Labor and the Quest for Compensation by Benjamin B. Ferencz

Arms and Men: A Study in American Military History by Walter Millis

The Wind and Beyond: Theodore von Kármán, Pioneer in Aviation and Pathfinder in Space by Theodore von Kármán with Lee Edson

Crossroads to Israel by Christopher Sykes

The Launching of Modern American Science, 1846-1876 by Robert V. Bruce

Getting Through It: My Year of Cancer during Covid by Helen Epstein