Arnold Kramish

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Born in Denver, Arnold Kramish (1923-2010) graduated from the University of Denver in 1945 and received a master’s degree in physics from Harvard in 1947. Before graduating from college, he worked in the special engineering division of the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Los Alamos, New Mexico and the Philadelphia Navy Yard where in 1944, he was severely burned when an experimental uranium enrichment device exploded near him.

After World War II, Kramish became a nuclear intelligence and policy expert. He served with the Atomic Energy Commission as a liaison to the CIA providing intelligence estimates on Soviet nuclear capabilities until 1951, when he joined the Rand Corporation. Later, Kramish developed an interest in the history of atomic espionage. In the 1970s, he worked as an arms control adviser for the State Department in Paris and served as nuclear arms control and security adviser to UNESCO and the OECD. During the Reagan administration, he directed a White House study that recommended the Strategic Defense Initiative, also known as Star Wars.

He received a Carnegie Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship, and was a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He taught courses at UCLA, the London School of Economics and other institutions.

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