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Abraham Lincoln and the Union by Oscar and Lilian Handlin (62,000 words)

Abraham Lincoln and the Union is a compassionate character study of Lincoln’s fascinating persona — the counterpoise of “strength and frailty, faith and skepticism, rationality and emotion” — comprising qualities so seldom found singly but that in Lincoln were found combined, and which continue to have significance for us to this day: his capacity for continual growth, for the wise use of power, for humane feeling, and most of all, for his sincere expression of the thoughts and feelings of common people.

“[A] good — and readable — short biography.” —

“Oscar and Lilian Handlin have produced a very readable life, which introduces the reader to the main events and issues of Lincoln’s remarkable career.” — Michael Perman,
Civil War History

“This modest, well-done volume gives us Lincoln in brief.” — David Lindsey,
The American Historical Review