Claudio Segrè

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Born in Palermo, Italy, Claudio G. Segrè (1937-1995) grew up in Los Alamos and in Berkeley. He attended Reed College, received a master’s degree in English from Stanford University, worked as a reporter for UPI and The Wall Street Journal and earned his doctorate in history from the University of California-Berkeley. Segrè, who specialized in Italian fascism, became professor of modern European history at the University of Texas at Austin.

His book,
Italo Balbo: A Fascist Life, won the Italian Air Force Historical Association Prize and the Marraro Prize of the Society of Italian Historical Studies. Segrè’s numerous essays, short stories, humor pieces and articles appeared in American, British, Israeli and Italian publications. His memoir, Atoms, Bombs, and Eskimo Kisses: A Memoir of Father and Son, examines what it was like to be the son of physicist Emilio Segrè, who helped develop the atom bomb and won the Nobel prize in 1959.

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