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(cover by Susan Erony)

Crossroads to Israel by Christopher Sykes (164,000 words, 24 illustrations)

“Christopher Sykes has written the authoritative work on the Palestine Mandate... His account is almost unbearably fair to all concerned, even to Britain... a very excellent book. Mr. Sykes steers his way through the reigns of successive High Commissioners and through the maze of White Papers and Royal Commissions with amazing virtuosity. We see the whole picture of the Mandate in a way which was impossible to those at the time.” — Richard Gott, International Affairs

“Mr. Sykes (son of Mark Sykes, co-author of the Sykes-Picot Agreement) has written an illuminating, highly-informed and balanced study of the development of the Zionist movement into the State of Israel. By virtue of his acquaintance with many of the leading persons involved, Mr. Sykes has had access to a considerable amount of unpublished material upon which he has drawn heavily to clarify much that was previously obscure about events in the unhappy Holy Land. He also writes with an easy, lucid style so that apart from the book’s intrinsic merit it is immensely readable.” — Earl Berger,
International Journal

“One of the many merits of Mr Sykes’s wholly meritorious book is that he is not anchored in time or prejudice.” — Edward Hodgkin,
Middle Eastern Studies