Dan Raviv

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Dan Raviv was born in New York in 1954 and earned a BA degree from Harvard University in 1976. Most of his ensuing career was spent at CBS News as National Correspondent for CBS’s radio network.

He worked for CBS for 42 years, based in Boston, New York, Tel Aviv, London, Miami, and Washington, and traveled to dozens of countries to cover significant stories. He now writes books and articles, mostly about current events and recent history in the Middle East. On network radio, he was anchor of the CBS News Weekend Roundup. On 9/11, he broadcast the first bulletins on the terrorist attack and anchored over 8 hours of live coverage. He was the host of election night, presidential inaugurations, and other major events.

Raviv is co-author with
Yossi Melman of the national best seller, Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community, and (also with Melman) of Friends in Deed: Inside the U.S.-Israel Alliance and Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel’s Secret Wars. His book, Comic Wars, chronicles the battle between Carl Icahn and Ronald Perelman for control of Marvel Entertainment – and how two immigrants who ran a toy company rushed to bankruptcy court in Wilmington and beat the billionaires to win control of Marvel. They turned the comic books company into a movie-making triumph.

An article Raviv wrote with Melman in 2016 for
Forward, “The Nazi Who Became a Mossad Hitman,” is being developed as a major motion picture. Raviv also wrote an award-winning article in 2018 for Moment, “Inside the Iron Dome,” on the Israeli scientists and engineers who created the world’s most innovative anti-rocket defense system. Raviv contributes commentary to global TV stations, and is researching and writing Quest for Significance, a book about how people feel driven to prove that their lives matter.

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