Henry H. Adams

H I Adams headshot
Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Henry Hitch Adams (1917-2002) received his BA from the University of Michigan in 1939 and his MA and PhD from Columbia University in 1940 and 1942. He served in the US Navy in the Pacific during World War II on the destroyer escort USS Owen, and retired from the Naval Reserve in 1977 as a Captain.

Adams taught at Cornell University from 1945 until 1951 and then joined the US Naval Academy where he was Assistant, Associate, and full Professor from 1951 until 1968. While at the Naval Academy, he became a noted military historian, a member of the International Order of Military Historians. Among his many books on World War II are biographies of
Harry Hopkins and Fleet Admiral William Leahy. He co-authored the textbook Sea Power: A Naval History.

In 1968, Adams became chairman of the English department of Illinois State University. In 1973, Adams retired from teaching and with his wife, started a travel agency and began two decades of world travel. In 1978, he helped establish the Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College in St Petersburg, Florida.

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