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Italian Americans: Into the Twilight of Ethnicity by Richard Alba (87,000 words)

“[A] clear, sympathetic, but not sentimental description of Italian-American experience from the roots in Italy to settlement in the United States, describing the cultural patterns which crossed the ocean with the emigres and the vicissitudes as well as the progress of the integration of the immigrants and their culture into American society... [an] excellent book... the scholarship and readability of this book make it stand out among others of its kind and it is a contribution to both public understanding and intellectual inquiry.” — Francis A. J. Ianni,
Political Science Quarterly

“[A] lucid analysis of the twilight of ethnic separateness for Italian-Americans.” — Sandra Schoenberg Kling,
American Journal of Sociology

“Richard Alba has written an important book... With clarity and precision Alba traces the history and sociology of Italian Americans over the course of the past century and concludes that whereas Italian descent was once a major impediment to inclusion in American social life, it is no longer such an obstacle. Offering a detached, scholarly view of his subject, Alba maintains that ethnic-revival protagonists have misread what in fact was taking place: structural assimilation.” — Salvatore J. Lagumina,
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

“This short book delivers more than it promises... One might expect an overview of Italian-Americans’ experiences, addressing their origins, migration, reception, and adaptation patterns, in a form appropriate for undergraduate courses on ethnic relations. These predictable subjects are indeed covered, in a readable, accurate account as comprehensive as possible in less than two hundred pages. But what is notable for sociologists outside of the classroom is that this volume does significantly more... the book’s thematic concern is assimilation.” — Eric Woodrum,
Social Forces

“[A] brief and lucid account of Italian Americans.” — Dino Cinel,
The Journal of American History