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(cover: Susan Erony)

Jerusalem: City of Mirrors by Amos Elon (98,000 words, 2 illustrations)

A contemplation of the fabled city which for the Western mind is as much a myth as a physical reality. Amos Elon’s elegant, dazzling biography of Jerusalem gives a profound insight into the kaleidoscopic culture of this magical city. Battle-scarred from four thousand years of violent conflict, the holy city is a sacred symbol of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and its religious wars of today reflect those of the past — Arab versus Jew, orthodox versus secular, continuity versus change.

“[a] remarkable portrait of Jerusalem...” — Christopher Lehmann-Haupt,
The New York Times

Jerusalem: City of Mirrors is a word portrait like none of those that have come before of the fabled city. It is from the loving but unsparing pen of Israel's most elegant iconoclast.” — Peter Grose, The New York Times

“A brilliantly illuminating book.” —
Philip Roth

“Finely written and very readable... Elon’s contention, and convincing demonstration, that religious fanaticism and communal violence are deeply ingrained in Jerusalem’s geography and its long history (four thousand years) leave little hope for the ‘city of mirrors.’” — John C. Campbell,
Foreign Affairs

“Elon... has written a literary, and often lyrical, biography of the images of Jerusalem” — Roger Friedland and Richard Hecht,
Los Angeles Times

Jerusalem is both a learned book and a charming one... He places us before a veritable many-layered mountain of myth and history, a compressed symbol of our most sublime aspirations along with our most disgusting, hatefully brainless excursions into religious bigotry and fratricide. It is a book as complex and surprising as the city itself.” — Arthur Miller

“A superbly readable study.” —
Jewish Chronicle

“A book which should be read by all.” —
Catholic Herald

“Jerusalem, the most longed-for and fought-for of all cities, is probably also the most written about. Yet, if I had to recommend one contemporary book about Jerusalem for everyone concerned with the city — both visitors and Jerusalemites — would certainly be this one.” — Dan Leon,
Palestine-Israel Journal