Liva Baker

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Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Florence Olivia Baker (1930-2007), known as Liva, received her B.A. in English from Smith College in 1953 and a M.A. degree in Journalism from Columbia University in 1955. After a brief stint with Newsday, Baker moved to Washington DC, where and joined National Geographic magazine, which she left in 1965.

Her first book, a children’s book about world religions, was published in 1967. Baker’s
biography of Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter appeared in 1969, followed by a book about the legacy women's colleges in the United States, I'm Radcliffe! Fly Me!: The Seven Sisters and the Failure of Women’s Education in 1976. Her other books on US legal history include Miranda: Crime, Law and Politics (1983), The Justice From Beacon Hill: The Life and Times of Oliver Wendell Holmes (1991) and The Second Battle of New Orleans: The Hundred-Year Struggle to Integrate the Schools (1996). Liva Baker was married to Leonard S. Baker, and they had two children.

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