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(cover by
Susan Erony)

Gustav Mahler by Kurt Blaukopf (translated from the German by Inge Goodwin; 92,000 words, 20 illustrations)

“Mahler’s great orchestral works have been gathering a massive audience. Perhaps his strongest following is among the young... As a logical corollary of the burgeoning interest in the music has come a new interest in the man. What kind of mind shaped the music, what social experience shaped the mind? [Blaukopf’s] portrait of Mahler [1860-1911] as a developing individual is securely drawn, despite the complexities of the subject.” — Carl Schorske,
New York Times Book Review

“The study makes fascinating reading... Mostly an account of [his] life and career, the book clears up a number of questions regarding the composer’s life and sheds new light on various aspects of his personality... the final chapter, a review of the Mahler literature and a discussion of the changing opinions about Mahler, is especially valuable.” —
Library Journal

“Goodwin’s excellent translation makes Blaukopf’s work readily available to English readers, and the book is filled with important insights [into] Mahler and his contemporaries... will be meaningful to all readers who enjoy Mahler’s music, and help convert those who do not.” —

“[A] concise and... comprehensive survey of Mahler’s life and work.” —
Stereo Review