Niels Blaedel

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Niels Blaedel (1917-2011) was a Danish journalist, author, publisher and nature lover. He started work as a journalist at Jydske Tidende in 1938. In 1946, he joined the Berlingske Tidende, the oldest and largest Danish newspaper. He later became science editor at Politiken, today part of the largest news media group in Denmark. Blaedel was Editor in Chief of Naturens Verden (1957-1963 and 1970-2001), Denmark’s largest and most important natural science monthly journal. He edited the 7-volume color series The Birds in the Nordic Countries between 1957 and 1963. In 1959, he founded the publishing house Rhodos International which he led until 1999.

Harmony and Unity: The Life of Niels Bohr (in Danish, Harmoni og enhed: Niels Bohr – en biografi), Blaedel wrote five books about birds and animals. He studied in the US in 1950 on a Smithsonian scholarship and received Denmark’s most prestigious awards: for journalism, the Cavling-prisen in 1954; for science writing, the EEC Science Writers Award in 1978; for science educators, the H C Ørsted Medaljen i sølv in 1988; and the Hendriksen Medaljen for the production of high quality books.

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