Patricia Rife

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Patricia Rife-Beavers is Adjunct Faculty Member and Senior Instructional Designer at the University of Maryland University College Graduate School, where she teaches project management, risk probabilities, and managerial communications. Her research on the life and times of Lise Meitner, Albert Einstein and the “dawn of the nuclear age” spans three continents, and her Ph.D. (Union Institute and University, 1983) and post-doctoral archival research was in the Nobel Prize Swedish Academy of Sciences archives and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and Churchill College archives at Cambridge University. She also conducted interviews documenting the memories of Holocaust survivors in Norway, Denmark, Israel, Germany and the US.

Rife presented the rare historical photos she collected during her archival research in a popular public lecture entitled “Einstein, Ethics and the Bomb” worldwide. For six years, Rife was a Professor in the University of Hawaii-Manoa’s Senator Matsunaga Institute for Peace, where she developed interdisciplinary courses on biography and conflict resolution.

As the Internet developed, Rife shifted to online education and was a pioneer in online training, starting and managing two businesses, “Grants Plus” and “Writers Express”. She has mentored many women in IT management and science/technical careers, is a volunteer Instructor for the American Red Cross, an ordained Christian minister, and enjoys creative writing.

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