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(cover by Susan Erony)

Rescue in Denmark by Harold Flender (70,000 words)

“German troops entered [Denmark, a] country of four and a half million persons on April 9, 1940, and three years passed before the purge against Danish Jews was begun. On the night of October 1, 1943, the Nazi boot kicked open doors in rooms largely empty. Only a fraction of the Danish Jews — 472 — were caught and sent to Theresienstadt Concentration Camp (where 53 of them died). The remaining 7,500 escaped — thanks to one German and several thousands of their countrymen. How? That was the question that puzzled the American journalist and television-writer, Harold Flender... He returned to Denmark for intensive research among rescuers and rescued and in archives. This book is the result... Flender brings out the risks and agonies, the drama and the heroism, in straight, professional reporting... [a] well-done work.” — Poul Lassen, The New York Times

“One of the most exciting books about the frustration of the Nazis that has come out in a long time... a fabulous story.” —
Wilmington News

“A marvelous story...” —
Chicago Tribune

“As thrilling as it is uplifting.” —
The Christian Science Monitor

“Heartwarming story told in thrilling detail... should he read by everyone...” —
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Inspiring and little-known story...” —
Columbus Dispatch

“Remarkable account of human courage and decency.” —
The Denver Post

“Powerful, heart-warming... one of the best and most starring stories out of the Nazi terror...” —
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

“A graphic story of one of history’s greatest rescues.” —
Hartford Times

“Suspenseful... lifts the spirit... a rewarding book.” —
Honolulu Star Bulletin & Advertiser

“Simple, dramatic and moving... One of the most exciting and heartening [stories] to come out of the war.” —
The London Observer

“Impossible to stop reading... Everybody should read it.” —
The London Spectator

“An inspiring story of courage and good will...” —
Library Journal

“Remarkable... Effectively and comprehensively told...” —
Los Angeles Times

“A book that exceeds in fascination, as well as strangeness and truth, any current work of fiction.” —
National Jewish Post & Opinion

“Is stranger than fiction.” —
Norfolk Virginian Pilot

“Definitely should be read...” —
Philadelphia Bulletin

“Very moving and exciting...” —
Publishers’ Weekly

“Dramatic... well written account...” —
Roanoke Times

“Exciting and well documented...” —
Sacramento Bee

“Moving... true story of adventure and devotion...” —
St. Petersburg Times

“Easy to read and as exciting as any work of fiction...” —
Yorkshire Evening Press (UK)