Stephane Groueff

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Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Stephane Groueff (1922-2006) was studying law in 1944 at the University of Geneva when the Communists seized power in Bulgaria. His father, who had been King Boris III’s Chief of Cabinet, was executed by the Communists in 1945. Groueff lived in exile for the next 46 years, first in Switzerland then in France and finally in the US. He return to Bulgaria only in 1990 after the Communist regime had collapsed.

Groueff was a reporter for
Paris-Match magazine, traveling extensively as a foreign correspondent, including to Antarctica, and became its New York Bureau chief for 20 years until 1978. He also worked for Radio Free Europe, was a contributor to the BBC’s Bulgarian Service and was active in émigré organizations in exile.

In 2002 the American University in Bulgaria, of which Stephane Groueff was one of the founding Board members, conferred on him the honorary degree Doctor of Humane Letters, and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria decorated him with the Order of the Madara Horseman. Groueff is the author of eight non-fiction books including
Manhattan Project: The Untold Story of the Making of the Atomic Bomb, Crown of Thorns: The Reign of King Boris III of Bulgaria, 1918-1943, and My Odyssey, an autobiographical work.

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