Sheila Isenberg

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Born in New York City, Sheila Isenberg grew up in Far Rockaway, Queens, and lives in New York’s Hudson Valley. She attended Brooklyn College and Hunter College’s graduate school. Her work has been as a reporter, press secretary, adjunct professor of English and journalism, and media director at the Woodstock Comedy Festival, a non-profit that raises money for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Isenberg is the author of
Muriel’s War: An American Heiress in the Nazi Resistance, A Hero of Our Own: The Story of Varian Fry and the groundbreaking Women Who Love Men Who Kill. With the late William Kunstler, she is co-author of My Life as a Radical Lawyer. She also wrote a biography of Ron Brown, the commerce secretary under President Bill Clinton, The Life and Times of Ron Brown, A Memoir by His Daughter Tracey L. Brown.

Her books have been reviewed widely and she has appeared in many documentaries and in countless interviews including on NPR, CNN, 20/20, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. She is a member of PEN, the Authors’ Guild, and Women Writing Women’s Lives biographers’ seminar.

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