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Three Days: An account of the last days of the British Mandate and the birth of Israel by Zeev Sharef (109,000 words)

“[Sharef] has set down in meticulous, almost microscopic detail the events of [May 12, 13 and 14, 1948] in the Arab capitals, in Washington, at the UN, but mostly in Palestine itself, where the populace, both Jewish and Arab, lived in a state of almost continual excitement, tension and suspense... Mr. Sharef is writing history as he witnessed it...
Three Days recreates much of the excitement and turbulence of those stirring days.” — Calgary Herald

“Many volumes have been published recounting the events which led to the establishment of the State of Israel; but none matches in intensity Zeev Sharef’s detailed account of the last three days of the British Mandate... Mr. Sharef... traces in vivid and explicit detail the difficult situations which confronted the Jews in the last three days of the Mandate. He has succeeded, too — and this is the book’s ultimate virtue — in capturing the mood and the emotion of the moment.” — Charles E. Shulman,
Congress Bi-Weekly

“One of the best books anywhere about the lead-up to Israel’s independence.” — Sara Honig,
The Jerusalem Post

Three Days] reflect[s] the mood of hope and despair during the trials which beset the Jewish community in Palestine on the eve of the termination of the British Mandate... the book... is remarkable.” — Avraham Biran, The Jerusalem Post

“The detailed progression of the seventy-two hours reads like fiction of the most fascinating kind... the book generates its own excited momentum.” — Hilary Mindlin,
Jewish Floridian