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(cover by
Susan Erony)

The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty by Peter Collier and David Horowitz (304,000 words, 60 illustrations)

This is the story of an American dynasty: the father, who built the fortune,
the son who cleansed the name, the brothers who manipulated both the name and the fortune to their own ends, and the cousins who often wish they had inherited neither. Cast against the backdrop of America’s history is a spectacular array of characters: a bigamist, a robber baron, a philanthropist, a world-weary cynic, a drifting divorcee, polluters, environmentalists, art lovers and money manipulators.

“[An] absorbing history of the Rockefeller family... a swiftly paced, extensively researched work of social history, a tale of family tensions and neuroses, of successes and failures in private and in public, all of it unfolding against a backdrop of money, influence and power.” — Steven R. Weisman,
The New York Times

“[A]n exceptionally good book” —
John Kenneth Galbraith, The New York Review of Books

“[Collier and Horowitz] present a sensitive family biography, more wistful than angry, more concerned with the impact of immense wealth on individual personality than on society. The authors received special access to the Rockefeller family archives.” — Gaddis Smith,
Foreign Affairs

“A startling tale emerges, shattering all we know and believe about the Rockefellers, destroying the legend brutally with significant revelations and — yet — winning a depth of sympathy for Rockefellers which three generations of PR men have not been able to manufacture.” — William Greider,
Washington Post Book World

“A skillful portrait of great wealth... A vast sweep of world-shaping episodes, dates and names.” —
The Houston Chronicle

“Impressive and intelligent... skillfully organized and presented so that it matters — not only to those curious about Rockefellers but to anyone curious about money and power in our society.” —