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The Wind and Beyond: Theodore von Kármán, Pioneer in Aviation and Pathfinder in Space by Theodore von Kármán with Lee Edson (164,000 words, 36 illustrations)

“[A]n autobiography that, happily, is an engrossing, full-bodied reflection of the man, a neatly balanced combination of technical insights and always pertinent, often irreverent anecdotes... an upbeat tale of a man who had a great love of life and a well-merited sense of achievement, told with genuine gusto and fascinating detail.” — Richard Witkin, The New York Times

“It is the triumph of this book that it manages to combine a chatty, anecdotal, and highly readable tale of a distinguished scientist’s everyday life with a substantial number of penetrating insights into the creative process.” — I. B. Holley, Jr.,

“The present biography is eminently readable, sometimes puckish, and von Karman himself is rather inspiring in his faith in science.” —

“Every paragraph grips the reader’s attention... a book almost impossible to put down until it is read.” —
Aerospace Historian

“This account of von Kármán’s life and his contributions to the science of aerodynamics is most fascinating reading.” —
The Science Teacher

“Every page of this superb classic is infused with von Karman’s humanity. As his narrative makes clear, he was not simply a clever technician but a man of character whose vision advanced the aerospace sciences and fostered international cooperation.” —
Aviation History