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Winston & Clementine: The Triumphs & Tragedies of the Churchills by Richard Hough (215,000 words, 29 illustrations)

Winston Churchill, Britain’s great statesman, and Clementine, his beautiful, stalwart wife, went together through many crises to command center stage in their country’s finest hour during World War II. This double biography tells the story of this celebrated couple whose marriage endured, without scandal, for 57 years, until Churchill’s death in 1965.

Their intense relationship would make tabloid headlines, but the public didn’t see the conflicts and clashes of two strong-willed, stubborn individuals whose love for each other withstood the tests of war and family tragedy — and whose fierce differences were essential to their triumph.

“A grand profile in charisma.” — Chris Goodrich,
Los Angeles Times

“A grand historical romance.” —

“A splendidly told tale... Hough is a charming writer and his admiration for his subject so genuine that readers will find his work irresistible.” —
Publishers Weekly