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Arms and Men: A Study in American Military History by Walter Millis (137,000 words)

As the author explains it its Foreword, the book is “a brief review of the now rather extensive military history of the United States in relation to its political, economic and social implications.”

“This is a book for the years... a distinguished job of writing... [Millis is] a penetrative analyst... vigorous expression and the steady flow of challenging ideas keep the book from ever becoming dull... The book... is a total study of the evolution of American military power... The author knows weapons, politics and human nature. His perceptive grasp of these complexes shines in the writing.” — S.L.A. Marshall,
The New York Times

“[A]fter the passage of a generation,
Arms and Men remains the most satisfactory one-volume survey of the military history of the United States, showing an unrivalled depth of insight into the interrelationships between American military history and the whole history of the United States, with a constant regard for the still larger context of American military history in world history... This volume abounds with insights into American military history that were refreshingly new when it was published [in 1956] but have so much entered the mainstream of the discipline that one easily forgets how much they set forth new directions... Arms and Men continues to offer policy-makers and soldiers the kind of guidance that the best military history has always yielded: on how most effectively to mobilize and utilize armed force in such ways as to balance the worst consequences of the folly of invoking it with the expectation of gaining anything positive thereby.” — Russell F. Weigley, Reviews in American History

“[A] remarkable example of synthesis and readability... excellent.” — Henry F. Graff,
Political Science Quarterly

“Mr. Walter Millis... has written the most penetrating and stimulating of the studies on American military affairs. This is not a detailed study of battles and tactics; it is instead an examination of the interaction of a changing society and technology on military institutions... Mr. Millis has a superb sense of history...
Arms and Men is further distinguished by a graceful style and a lively, civilized wit... This is a volume which should be read by all who are concerned with the most pressing problem of our day.” — Martin Lichterman, New York History

Arms and Men, in my view, is the best single study dealing with American military history as a whole which has been written in the last half century, and virtually nothing of the sort was written earlier.” — John K. Mahon, Military Affairs

“In my opinion
Arms and Men is a splendid piece of work, clearly organized, well argued and beautifully written. We have long needed an informed and intelligent commentary on the evolution of American military policy; and in Mr. Millis’ book we have it... He has covered the whole subject with authority, but - thank heaven - in a short book, in which the arguments are not blunted by unnecessary detail.” — Gordon A. Craig

“A classic... a brilliant interpretation of the origins of mass warfare. In
Arms and Men, Walter Millis has helped to explain not only how war has come to dominate our age, but the often troubled, anomalous relationship between the military and the rest of American society... there is not a more comprehensive, more stimulating, or more lively introduction to the men, the ideas, the policies, and the forces that have shaped the development of American military power.” — Richard H. Kohn

“Subtitled ‘A Study of American Military History’ — this is actually an examination of the philosophy behind the changing scene in America’s military history, rather than a closeup of wars and battles, strategy and tactics. Of that there is enough to illustrate the major premises, as he goes from the day when farmers pulled their triggers at Lexington and Concord to the stalemate of atomic war today... This is a valuable survey — for students of war and politics. It is a necessary basis for a new turn of military philosophy.” —

“Although Mr. Millis, who has devoted many years to the subject, calls this only a ‘commentary’ on the history of American military policy, it is a most useful and well-written survey.” — Henry L. Roberts,
Foreign Affairs

“[A] good book, readable and admirable for its factual accuracy and general thoughtfulness.” — Stetson Conn,
The American Historical Review

“[Millis’] well-phrased analysis of American military history is a tremendous contribution to the thoughtful citizen.” —
Current History

“[N]o more searching or more stimulating study of the subject has been published for a decade.” — Jules Menken,
International Affairs

“This is... a review of the military history of the United States in relation to the economic, political, and social phases of our history... This book is well written, excellently organized with logical arguments. It should be widely read and generously consulted.” — George C. Osborn,
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

“The changes made by the forces of democracy and by public opinion in the conduct of wars is traced... in...
Arms and Men. It is a brilliant exposition of the factors that brought such evolution in warfare... Walter Millis has written many profound works but this readable book is his best.” — Harry H. Semmes, World Affairs

“A penetrating study.” —
The Military Engineer

“One of the most important books of the year.” —
Boston Herald

“It is a brilliant survey of American military history... acutely conceived and beautifully written... one of those rare creative works of interpretation and synthesis.” —
Saturday Review

“[Millis’] twin gifts of perception and expression are again apparent in
Arms and Men, a mature commentary on America’s record of preparation (or non-preparation) and performance in its wars.” — New York Herald Tribune