Walter Millis

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Born in Atlanta, the son of an Army officer, Walter Millis (1899-1968) graduated from Yale University in 1920 after his studies had been interrupted by World War I, when he joined the Army and became a second lieutenant in the field artillery. He was an editorial writer at the Baltimore News (1920-23) and at the New York Sun and Globe (1923-24) and an editorial and staff writer at the New York Herald Tribune (1924-54). He also contributed many articles for the Saturday Review. He joined the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, established by the Ford Foundation, in 1954.

Millis’ books include Road to War:
America 1914-1917, This is Pearl! The United States and Japan — 1941, Why Europe Fights, Viewed Without Alarm: Europe Today, Arms and Men: A Study of American Military History, The Martial Spirit: A Study of Our War with Spain and An End to Arms. He was the editor of The Forrestal Diaries.

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