David Loth

Loth headshot
Born in St. Louis, David Loth (1899-1988) received a BA in journalism from the University of Missouri in 1920 and worked in journalism for 20 years — at the New York World under Herbert Bayard Swope (1920-31), the Sydney (Australia) Daily Guardian (1925), the Majorca (Spain) Sun and Spanish Times (1931-34) and the New York Times (1934-41).

Loth then headed publications for the Office Inter-American Affairs (1941-44), was Managing editor of Press Research (1944), Information director of the Surplus Property Board (1945) before joining Planned Parenthood Federation American Inc. in New York City in 1946, of which he was acting national director in 1950-51. In 1953-54, he was Director of public information for Columbia University’s bicentennial. He lectured in journalism at Finch College (1961-65) and at the University of Colorado (1978-83).

Loth was an Associate Nieman fellow at Harvard in 1957-58 and President of the Rockland Foundation in 1956. He contributed articles to
Reader’s Digest, Look, Esquire and other magazines and authored almost 50 books, from The Erotic in Literature to Public Plunder, a history of graft in America, and many biographies, including of Lafayette, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Hamilton, John Marshall, Philip II of Spain and Gerard Swope, President of General Electric during 1922-40 and 1942-45 (the Swope and Loth families were friends and neighbors in St. Louis, and David Loth knew Gerard Swope during his whole life).

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