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(cover by Susan Erony)

Swope of G.E.: The Story of Gerard Swope and General Electric in American Business by David Loth (101,000 words)

“[A] sympathetic but objective biography... Swope the man was quite typical of the executives who managed great American business enterprises a generation or so after their establishment. He had the necessary talents — the total commitment to the job and company, the forceful drive, the passion for reliable data, the ‘fondness for figures’, and the precise and analytical way of thought. He differed in that he was more aware of the needs of his employees and the role his enterprise played in the larger society. More like the present generation in this respect, he was still not an organization man. At G.E., no team fashioned policy. Swope alone made the decisions.” — Alfred Chandler,
The Economic History Review

“[A] decidedly valuable and creditable [book]... the author very skillfully unfolds the basic facts of
Swope’s career... [he] adroitly and succinctly unfolds Swope’s career against the background of the times... It is a tribute to Loth’s ability and courage that he has succeeded in conveying so much information in so short a study... one of the best businessman biographies of the past decade.” — George S. Gibb, The Business History Review